With the brand Equip, Digital Data Communications GmbH offers a wide range of products, solutions and accessories for office and building cabling as well as for ergonomic workplace design. Three product lines – Equip Life, Equip Pro and Equip Ergo – hold the right equipment for professionals as well as demanding home users.

The portfolio of high-quality network connection components is greatly versatile. It ranges from numerous cable series and passive network components to USB adapters or HDMI splitters, cable plugs and LSA punching tools. For workplace equipment, there is a wide range of monitor brackets available, as well as electrically adjustable tables.

Equip life
Convenient Connections: The cabling solutions from Equip Life ensure the smooth linking of all audio, video and computer components in the office and at home.

Equip pro
Professional network cabling: From fiber optic cables to patch panels and connectors, the products of Equip Pro meet the highest standards in terms of function, safety and quality.

Equip Ergo
Ergonomic office equipment: With perfect helpers for everyday work, Equip Ergo increases the well-being and efficiency of office workers

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Adapter Cables
Patch panels
Networking Tools
Networking Accessories
TV / Monitor Mounting Solutions

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