PCI 32bit 2 Parallel Card

PCI 32bit 2 Parallel Card

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32 bit PCI Bus, PCI Specification 2.1
Single 5-V Operation
Low Power
Selectable receive trigger levels
Fast data rates up to 1.5 Mbytes/s (parallel port)
16 Byte FIFO (parallel)
Software programmable mode selects
128-pin QFP package
Plug and Play for Windows 95/98 , IRQ Sharing, No Jumper setting
Set the I/O addresses automatically
Supports MS-DOS, Windows 95/98,Windows NT 4.x,Windows 2000/XP

Parallel Port Features

Support Re-map to ISA address 378,278
The Parallel Port can support the extension of the following products:
Tape driver,CD-ROM driver, Printer, Parallel Port,
SCSI Adapter, Zip Driver,External LAN Adapter,and Scanner.
Supports IEEE 1284 standard
DB-25 pin female centronic connector