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Started in 1988, we have become synonymous with leading brands such as Asrock, Canon, Chronos, Eaton, Genius, Genius GX, Huntkey, Kguard, Palit, Samsung, U-Reach to name a few, not to mention the sound distribution alliances with Intel, Microsoft and Seagate. Embedded in our basket of products you will find a selection of anti-virus application specific software, as well as office automation products. Over the past 27 years we have cemented our reputation in the local IT distribution space as a reliable supplier, with Customer Service being our key drivin component.

With our headquarters situated in Rivonia Sandton, we boast the ability to supply IT components from any of our well-stocked and managed branches situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein. Full technical support is offered in all our branches with options to handle build-to-order desktop PC’s and duplicators. Our significant growth has been generated out of our solid marketing approach through service and product excellence, Streamlined through our highly motivated Management, Sales and Customer Support teams, driving this approach through its more than 4000 registered dealers country wide.

1989 Genius

Genius is an international leading brand in computer peripherals. Established by KYE Systems Corp. in 1983, Genius offers PC products including computer mice, keyboards, web and security cameras, speakers, gaming peripherals, remote controls, headphones, digital cameras, digital camcorders and digital photo frames. Genius also expanded from computer peripherals into consumer electronic products that include mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth headsets, iPod speakers and EeePC mice. Since 2007, Genius has been one of Taiwan’s top 20 Global Brands. For more information you can visit the Genius website at  www.geniusnet.com

1993 Canon

For 70 years Canon has been delivering leading edge imaging technologies to customers across the world. Established in 1937, Canon has grown into a global company operating in a diverse range of markets, including Business Solutions, Consumer Imaging, Broadcast & Communications, Medical Systems and Industrial Products

2003 GeniSAT

GeniSAT is TVR’s house brand of personal computers. Each Genisat machine undergoes a vigorous Quality Control test over a 48 hour period. Ensuring that every machine that is dispatched works first time. The Genisat machine carries a two year carry in warranty.

2004 Quickbooks

QuickBooks is quick to learn and quick to use. It also grows with the growth of your business and is the Number 1 Best Selling Accounting Software worldwide.

2005 ACARD

ACARD Technology Corp., a global leading provider of storage solutions, was founded on September 19, 1996. Since establishment, ACARD has been engaging in IC design and Storage solutions. In the fields of IDE and SCSI, ACARD has its core technologies, and enjoys a high reputation.

2006 BitDefender

Bitdefender won the AV-TEST Award for Best Security Product For 2011, outperforming the competition by having the highest overall score in protection, repair and usability.The package includes protection from online fraud and identity theft, hackers and viruses, with file encryption software and auto-scanning technology updating automatically at least every hour. Yet it avoids slowing down the Windows PC or interrupting game play.


Klein & Ross provides a wide range of computer components and peripherals to the world wide market under the brand name of “Chronos” specifically focusing in Multimedia, communication and networking fields. Chronos’ engineers give first time solutions to solve any kind of question from its customer base. Chronos aims to deliver a Fast Response times, excellent service levels, product quality and competitive Prices.

2008 PALIT

Established in 1988, Palit Microsystems Ltd. is well-known for manufacturing stable, excellent, and innovative electronics products. As one of the top PC components manufacturers, Palit continues to provide top-to-bottom graphics cards and USB Flash Drive with stable and excellent quality to the world. With main operation in Taipei, logistic center in Hong Kong, factories in Mainland China, and branch office in Germany, Palit has developed a worldwide sales network and cooperated closely with their customers.

2009 Toshiba

Toshiba is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products spanning information & communications systems; digital consumer products; electronic devices and components; power systems, including nuclear energy; industrial and social infrastructure systems; and home appliances. Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 740 companies.

2006 K Guard Security

Established in 2003, KGUARD Security is a daughter company of KWorld Computer Group, a leading in the worldwide digital entertainment industry. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with a strong and innovative R&D team, KGUARD’s cutting edge security products are well-received by customers from more than 60 countries. We offer a wide range of video surveillance solutions, such as DIY Home Security Combo Kits, Standalone DVRs, CCTV cameras, Mobile DVRs, other surveillance software and our unique KView Series for remote monitoring. With a unique focus on product compatibility and stability, KGUARD has shown a tremendous success in US, EMEA, Latin America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

2009 Huntkey

Huntkey Enterprise Group, founded in 1992, is a professional provider that specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of power supplies. Huntkey products include power supplies (1W~250KW), power systems, computer cases, universal notebook adapters/industrial adapter, power banks, chargers, power supply converters, power strips, LED lights, and consuming accessories charger/car charger and power bank. The industrial parks of Huntkey in Shenzhen, Heyuan and Hefei, which cover a total area of over 750,000 square meters, are now the largest IT manufacturing base in mainland China. Huntkey, with over 8,000 employees, has set up its branch companies in Hong Kong and Japan. Its clients are found all over the world in more than 50 countries and regions, including Lenovo, Dell, Best Buy, Exper, Vestel, Positivo, Durama, Unicoba, DSG, HCL, Carrefour, FPT, Siragon, Olidata, and others.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Huntkey was named as a Lenovo Perfect Quality and Diamond Quality vendor. In 2012, Huntkey was also named an Apple Authorised manufacturer for Apple accessories, including chargers and car chargers.

For more information about Huntkey, please visit www.huntkey.com

2009 AEXEA

AEXEA is to focus enthusiast consumers expectation as well as affordable of products. We are specialized on memory modules, flash products, SSD and Speaker. With our AEXEA highly demand from consumers, we focus from standard to extreme gamers of products.

2009 eScan

MicroWorld’s eScan has team members with relevant expertise in a wide cross-section of leading industry hardware, software, networking components and technology companies for the Internet. The company has tie ups with various resellers, vendors and technology providers that enable us to garner the latest technology advances in the industry. This helps MicroWorld to offer well informed recommendations and services to our customers.

2006 OKION

OKION is a global supplier of mobile computing peripheral. notebook cases and consumer electronics products. We concentrate on offering our customer solutions for the ever changing digital world and let’s together gear up for the mobile generation.

2012 ASRock

ASRock Inc. is established in 2002, specialized in the field of motherboards. ASRock strives to build up its own brand. With the 3C design concept, Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness, the company explores the limit of motherboards manufacturing while paying attention on the eco issue at the same time, developing products with the consideration of eco-friendly concept.

ASRock has been growing fast and become world third largest motherboard brand with headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and branches in Europe and the USA. The young and vibrant company targets from mainstream to enthusiast MB segments for different kinds of users, owning reputation around the world market with its reliability and proficiency.

2007 EUSSO

EUSSO Technologies, one of alliance companies, was founded by a group of IT professional shareholders with extensive experience in the field of Network and Memory manufacturing, Artwork design, and software. EUSSO’s versatile products, including Wireless LAN, VoIP Gateway, Broadband Router, Gigabit switch, KVM, Fibre, and many more, enable customers to build complete network solutions from a single source. EUSSO’s goal is to provide simple-to-install, affordable and ready-to-market network products.

2104 Samsung

After making the smart choice of choosing an SSD over an HDD for a multitude of benefits, the next question is deciding which SSD is right for you. As a world leader in technology, Samsung offers SSDs that boat superior performance. Combining the finest hardware components and easy-to-use solutions, a Samsung SSD gives you the all-in-one solution and top-notch performance you want. With a Samsung SSD, your PC carries out commands so quickly that you will have more time for work or play, or enjoy with your family.

2013 Equip

Here you will find all solutions for the range of computer periphery and connectivity. Equip products offer the customer solutions with a high value of benefit. The brand Equip stands for a product development driven by quality management and continous adjustment to the requirements of the

2009 HP

As a small mid size business you need technology solutions that just work. You need complete IT solutions that combine the right servers, storage, networking, software and services together. Explore these solutions to help you manage, protect and grow your business.

2013 SK Hynix

Semiconductors are essential to all IT products, and its performance often determines the performance of the final products. SK hynix is the global leader in producing semiconductor, such as DRAM and NAND flash and System IC including CMOS Image Sensors. Since pilot production of Korea’s first 16Kb SRAM in 1984, SK hynix consistently led the industry with smaller, faster and lower power semiconductor. As the second largest manufacturer of memory semiconductor, SK hynix is at the forefront of the IT industry.
SK hynix will enhance its competency with the best level of technology and a wide range of business portfolios. SK hynix will enhance its competency with the best level of technology and a wide range of business portfolios. It is common to see people using their smartphones and tablet PCs. Those IT devices become more pervasive as new imaginative and innovative IT products continue to grab imagination and ‘desires’ of consumers. More innovative IT device such as smart car, keyboard and surface computer without mouse will enlarge the range and demand of the semiconductor.
SK hynix has recorded high performance by tracking and foreseeing the market change. On year 2011 base, SK hynix ranked 2nd position with a 23% worldwide market share in DRAM market. It has also a 10% NAND Flash market share. It also takes 8th position in global semiconductor market. SK hynix will strengthen the world’s top level of technology and continuously diversify the product portfolios.
SK hynix opens a new IT world. As of February 2012 SK hynix became a new family member of the SK Group. Now is the time for SK Hynix to open a new IT world together with SK which has led to the nation strong in information technology.

2012 Avexir

In 2006, founder of Avexir Hans Cheng, decided to leave Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation to build his dream on memory module house with his believe and philosophy. Starting with no clients and staff of two, he established his company into one of the best gaming memory module house in the world. From the very beginning, Hans intended to have different kinds of company management strategies, branding and EMS business model. He works very hard to getting tiny profits from memory EMS business to funding Avexir brand business.

Brand business is a long journey with obstacles, however, Hans never gives up on his dream. He believes that, in order to achieve hi goal, the first two fundamental components of Avexir brand would be the quality and diversity of the of products, and a group of gaming enthusiasts. Hans worked relentlessly to install the belief that our product is made for gamers by Avexir. In 2010, Avexir established D3 (Design & Developments Department), and Avexir has announced the first gaming memory, core series at Computex 2011.

The next year Avexir continued to developing a new project code name “Blitz”. Products in the market named after Blitz usually makes their product sound powerful, however Avexir Blitz is not just powerful, it has real visualized Blitz built in. Once again Avexir has impressed gamers the real gaming gears.
Finally, our efforts have been readily recognised by gamers and won Germany iF & d&i gaming + Entertaining products award of the year in 2013.

2014 Level One

Because we are driven by our commitment to a total networking solution for all our customers, DCC product lines have grown into a rich array of cost-effective management solutions. DCC uses the brand name “LevelOne” to offer the market its wireless LAN, Home-Plug LAN, POE LAN, Broadcast Router, ADSL Router, Printer Server, IP Network Camera, NAS Series, Projector Server, KVM Switch, Palm Switch, Soho Switch, Converter, Interface card, Network Adapter and VoIP products.
By drawing on our professional, marketing strategies, we can firmly establish the marketability of a product and our sales results supports this statement. LevelOne subjects all of our products under vigorous quality assurance and extensive product testing procedures to ensure that we comply with the stringent product quality standards set in Europe and the USA. All LevelOne products comply with the European ISO and the American MIL-STD standards that stipulate specific quality tests are passed during the manufacturing process.

2012 Eaton

Meissner provides Essential power solutions on a turnkey basis to a wide range of markets such as IT industry, telecommunications, access and panel control, emergency lighting and many other complex electronic system environments where power interruption is an option.

2012 Philips

It was the growing interest in the South-African market which led to the establishment in 1929 of Philips South Africa Electrical Company (Pty) Limited. The Company first setup shop in Commissioner street, Johannesburg in premises which have long since disappeared, supplemented soon afterwards by branch offices in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. The company was renamed South African Philips (Pty) Limited and moved its headquarters several times before settling down at the present site in Martindale.

Philips’ business expanded locally and diversified to embrace the importation of many electrical and electronic lines, and local assembly commenced with radio sets in 1938.

After the second World War, local production of consumer electronics products resumed and expanded to the point where in 1954, on the occasion of SA Philips’ 25th anniversary, all radios (with the exception of small quantities of social types), were produced in the country. Other consumer lines were added, such as stereo gramophones, car radios and portables, culminating in April 1974, when Philips made history by becoming the first manufacturer of television sets in South Africa. The need for larger production facilities in order to complete internationally saw the closure of the television factory at Martindale in March 1996 and, later that year, the PABX manufacturing facility at Wadeville,


TVR Computers does not sell direct, and prefers developing its dealer network and relationship with distributors. It supports dealers in the following ways:


TVR sales executives are product experts and professionals in all the companys specific product categories. A WAN supports all regional sales consultants with instant stock information and location. Orders can be placed centrally and dispatched nationally with one click of a button.


TVR’s Public Relations Division ensures that product support, from pre-sales through after-sales support is offered to our recognized distributors and sub-distributors. Large Corporate Companies are invited to new product releases and new products are continually released to them for approval. Extensive product training ensures that TVR distributor and sub-distributors are fully able to support customer requirements.


TVR’s highly trained professional product specialists ensure the minimum down time and turn-around. Our technicians are trained to International standards, on all the products we market. The Technical Division also sources new technology and solutions, offers telephonic support on all our products, (including end-users) to guarantee customer satisfaction.


TVR’s fleet of highly reliable delivery vans that provide a door-to-door service on a daily basis to our approved Distributors, Sub-distributors and Dealers. In selected regions TVR operates a weekly delivery to outlying areas.


TVR grants credit facilities to qualifying customers. Terms vary from 7 day settlements to 30 day payment. Credit facilities are underwritten by Credit Guarantee insurance. TVR’s sophisticated billing system means dealing with us is easy and hassle free.


One of the most important long term objectives we have set out to achieve is to be completely nationally represented.


TVR Computers currently exports hardware to Malawi, Botswana, Angola and Namibia with special focus on Mozambique. This division operates from our Head Office, mainly to source new export opportunities and to expand our existing markets. Our urgent commitment to the regions and growth of our brands in the IT market in Africa is radical. In a very short period of time we have managed to secure business alliances with some of the major IT companies in our neighbouring countries, proving that our unique product ranges are complementary to our partners current product ranges.